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How to ensure the security of your Microsoft 365 environment??

In our digital era, ensuring the security of your Microsoft 365 data is crucial. MYCIO has found a complete and secure backup solution for your emails, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint for you.

"Finally, a reliable, affordable, and now essential solution for backing up all your Microsoft 365 data" - Kevin Goffart, CTO @MYCIO

Designed for businesses that value the security and integrity of their data, Keepit ensures that your information remains protected, accessible, and recoverable when needed.

Why is Keepit the ideal backup solution for Microsoft 365?

  • Complete protection

Keepit protects all aspects of Microsoft 365: emails, OneDrive documents, SharePoint sites, and Teams conversations. Continuous backup provides solid protection against accidental or malicious data loss.

  • Rapid recovery

In the event of accidental deletion or data corruption, Keepit allows for quick restoration, minimising disruption to your activities.

  • Uncompromising security

Data is encrypted during transfer and at rest, providing maximum protection against intrusions.

  • Simplified management

Our intuitive interface allows for easy management of backups and restorations, ensuring complete visibility over the status of your data, simplifying compliance and governance.

  • Flexibility and adaptability

Regardless of the size of your company or the amount of data, Keepit adapts to your needs. Our scalable solution ensures that your Microsoft 365 environment is always protected, even as your business grows.

Discover Keepit at MYCIO

Keepit is available from only €60 per year per account to protect. Interested in complete peace of mind?

"With Keepit, say goodbye to worries about losing critical data. Work in complete serenity, knowing that your Microsoft 365 data is secure, no matter what happens."  - Kevin Goffart, CTO @MYCIO

Contact us today at 02 899 69 69 or to learn more about our services and discover how we can help you secure and transform your business.



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