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Enjoy _ the rise with MYCIO


Grow your business with complete peace of mind

Developing your business with complete peace of mind should be a right. Taking pleasure in it too. Because nothing should slow you down. Certainly not IT, whose role is to help you grow it.


This is why MYCIO provides a caring IT support service that anticipates your needs and potential IT issues to allow you to grow smoothly. And to enjoy it.

Our commitment is to supply you with a high-performance infrastructure, reliable products and solutions as well as a continuous and attentive level of service. Our mission is to enable you to focus on your work and the satisfaction of your clients, freeing you from any concerns related to IT.


Our dream is for you to forget that IT problems exist so that you can fully enjoy your activity with complete peace of mind. We want to offer you total freedom of action by giving you the means to develop your business without any obstacles. At MYCIO, your success is our success, and we are determined to support you by being by your side at every step of your journey.

"Leave the Tech to us!"

  • Comment réussir sa migration de Google Workspace vers Microsoft 365?
    Comment réussir sa migration de Google Workspace vers Microsoft 365?
    Wed, 12 Jun
    12 Jun 2024, 11:00 – 11:20
    Vous envisagez de migrer de Google Workspace vers Microsoft 365 mais ne savez pas par où commencer ? Rejoignez-nous pour un webinar de 20 minutes où notre expert en migration, Kevin Goffart, abordera les meilleures pratiques pour une migration en toute sérénité et répondra à vos questions.

3 packages to manage your IT

Monthly contract with a fixed fee

For the proactive and comprehensive management of your IT infrastructure

Unlimited phone support

Proactive maintenance

Systematic visit of a technician for 4 hours per month

Software licenses optional

No surprise at the end of the month

Enjoy _ the rise with MYCIO



Custom quote

For all your projects related to your IT

Analysis of your needs

Free estimate

Payment only upon intervention


Prepaid hour credits for 12 months at a discounted price

For the installation, maintenance, migration, troubleshooting, and updating of your systems

Phone support

On-demand remote/on-site maintenance

Transparent pricing & budget control


Our services for you

We adapt our IT services and solutions to your needs, whether you are self-employed, a SME company or an ASBL / AISBL association.


Fast resolution of your IT problems

Technical support & remote assistance

On-site intervention

Management of fixed & mobile devices


Installation, maintenance & relocation of your IT infrastructures

Installation, repair & update of your computers, tablets, IP & mobile phone

Macs & PCs


Internet line

Telephone switchboard

VoIP telephony

Mobile telephony

Casual Office Meeting


Configuring & upgrading your systems

Monitoring of operations

Data recovery

Management of cloud, network & server solutions

Systems performance


Mapping of your IT infrastructure 

Hardware diagnostics

Software diagnostics

Infrastructure diagnostics

Working Together on Project


Digital transformation


Senior Businessman


Security audit

Antivirus & Antimalware

Password Manager & 2FA

Cloud and/or on site backup

Secure firewall & VPN

Access control


Domain names

Website creation

Website hosting

Cloud solutions

Website protection


Software maintenance management


Office 365

Microsoft Teams deployment


To help you grow

Enjoy _ the rise with MYCIO


Happy client

“We restructured our business in the medical sector into 2 companies in 2022 and we turned to Kevin Goffart because he was already taking care of our telephony.

From the start, he was a quality interlocutor, proposing the appropriate and technically best solutions to facilitate and structure our multiple tasks. He offered solutions to all our problems but also regular support which relieved our administrative team.

Its ability to structure, secure and streamline IT is quite impressive.

We can call him whenever we want, the helpdesk line being very efficient, it allows us to solve our problems within the hour or the same day. Benefiting from such a service today is a significant luxury.

In addition, the team he has surrounded himself with in MYCIO is, like Kevin Goffart, very dedicated and human, having the sole priority of meeting our needs."

We are passionate about the idea of evolving our clients through IT tools. We master from A to Z the work environment and the expectations of independent professionals, businesses, and associations up to 100 users. We ensure that your computer park operates optimally so that you can focus with complete peace of mind on your activities.


Technology enthusiasts

Enjoy _ the rise with MYCIO
Online Teaching

A caring IT expert on the phone

We are at your service, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to take care of the installation, maintenance and management of your computer systems. Leave the tech to us and focus on developing your business.

Call us on weekdays from 9 am to 6:30 pm

+ 32 2 899 69 69

or email us a message

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Enjoy _ the rise with MYCIO
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